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✋🏼Hi there I am Mayu,

a UX Designer / Researcher based in sunny Brisbane

​Welcome to my sushi train, very nice meeting you 🍥



Mayu Nanaumi  

Birthday Colour  /  #6b76ae : Salvia Blue ( 17.07.1992 )

I'm originally from Neon City - Tokyo Japan.

In early 2014, I shook up my courage to come to a land where I didn't know anyone and could barely speak English. Although the experience strengthened my core to expand life experience in different cultures and more importantly, I'm no longer afraid of challenging myself. 

I'm still introverted and shy, a typical Japanese.

However, as an experience designer, I passionately approach details of human & environmental factors to bring solutions to life because we all deserve a better life tomorrow, and I can be the generator for it! 


O m o t e n a s h i


"Omotenashi" is the Japanese 'Spirit of Hospitality' to enhance the customer experience and go beyond their expectations by proving unspoken demands.

Human-centric means that user comes top priority and that's what defines Omotenashi. I apply my "Omotenashi  Design Principle" to always remember to center users in the process, not just to meet their demands but investigate what's uncovered.

In a digital world, Omotenashi inspired me for connecting all the elements of human life between the environments and products to design a bridge that harmonizes with each segment of the user journey.


Consider sustainable development for future business growth and pursue a new opportunity with never-ending curiosity.


2023 February-Present  /  edX
  • Introduction to Web Accessibility
2023 Jan-May / Daily UI 
  • 100 days Design Challenge to become a better designer
2022 October-Present  /  Ki Culture
  • Remote volunteer - UX UI Designer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands 
2022 Feb-Dec  /  Academy Xi 
  • UX UI Design case study
  • Client Project #1 - EBONFX / 6 weeks
  • Client Project #2 - MediGo Sleep / 6 weeks
2022 August-Present  /  LibreOffice  - The Document Foundation
  • Remote volunteer UX Researcher based in Berlin, Germany
2022 June-July  /  University of Toronto, coursera
  • Introduction to Psychology 
  • Peer-graded assignment - Essay (psychological concept)


Airport Anxiety.png

MediGo Sleep

Role: UX UI Designer

Designed the online platform for a start-up company looking to improve patients' access to affordable healthcare products and services.

The project goal was to uncover the patients pain points and frustrations and refine the current treatment journey.


Role: UX UI Designer

Redesigned the digital platforms for a start-up FX provider aiming to ease the process of international money transfers. 

The project deliverables were met with future recommendation of having a mobile app for individual users.

Airport Anxiety

Role: UX Researcher

As my case study, I conducted UX research at the Brisbane International Airport to approach common issues faced by passengers. 

The study shows the difference in passenger behavior between pre- and post-pandemic and the agendas to be resolved. 



Phone     +61 478149063


Address     Brisbane, QLD Australia

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